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QuestionKalie You are Superior Goddess! I want to be Your foot slave all my life! *bows down and begs to kiss your feet* Answer

Awe thank u!

Anonymous Asked
QuestionNot really into feet but you have a nice ass lol cheers Answer

Haha it’s people like u who keep me motivated to flaunt my ass ;)

QuestionCould you give us another ass pic? :) Answer

Yes I can soon :)

Anonymous Asked
QuestionThose feet are made to be licked with passion after a long tiring day of endlessly sweating in tight flats,the smelly secretions must be swallowed! Answer

I like your detail ;D

QuestionI'd love to smell your sweaty feet, lick you soles, suck on your toes, everything. Answer

Awe thanks :)

Anonymous Asked
QuestionKaile You're Goddess!! Your beautiful feet must be cleaned only with men's tongues! Answer

Awe you’re too kind :)

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QuestionDo girls like big dick's?) What about you?) Answer

Honestly depends on the girl. I like an average one. I’m a tiny girl. Big dickshurt. Haha

QuestionI appreciate the blog love <3 Answer

No problem :) everything u post or reblog is like 😍
You’re my favorite person on tumblr

QuestionI'd love to help you out (: Answer

Only if u use your teeth to take my sock off ;)

QuestionAdd you me in Skype Answer

I added everyone in Skype who sent a request :)